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LWDcnc team, with passion and skill, discovers new solutions and creates innovative products. We are professionals in our field, ready to consult and assist in your choices.
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Your choices for the hot tub!

For standard tubs, the dimensions are similar, but the capacity varies depending on whether you choose an integrated or external stove. You can choose the color of fiberglass lining for the tub. The most popular colors among our clients are dark gray, white, black, turquoise, burgundy red, blue, etc. We also offer a selection of colors for the pine wood finish: black, brown, gray, etc.

All LWDcnc tubs are insulated with thermal foam, and for durability, there are two stainless steel bands around the tub. The stainless steel stove comes with a 2m chimney with a cap. We highly recommend a faux leather thermal cover, which is easy to open, maintains water temperature for a longer time, and is easy to put on and remove. All tubs come with three-step stairs and a drink holder with 4 glass slots.

Additionally, tubs can be equipped with a hydro-massage system with 8 adjustable nozzles. Adding an LED light to the tub gives you 7 different colors, with color-changing modes adjustable both automatically and manually. If you choose to have an air system for your tub, you’ll enjoy playful bubbles.

We look forward to collaborating with you and creating the perfect hot tub for you!

A wooden hot tub produced in Latvia by LWDcnc

Our competitiveness

2 years warranty

We provide a 2-year warranty service for all products.

Competitive prices

Attractive pricing offers. Guarantee of good prices.

High quality

Delivering a high-quality product is our goal and pride. We strive to provide customers only with the best products and services.

Innovative solutions

We aim for growth and seek the best solutions. We offer an individual approach.

Full service

Consultation, design, manufacturing, delivery, installation.

Made in Latvia

Highest quality materials from Latvia.

About LWDcnc

We – LAURIS WOOD DESIGN & CNC, abbreviated as LWDcnc – are a stable and dynamic Latvian brand, that operates in two areas, as reflected in our name.

LAURIS WOOD DESIGN focuses on manufacturing various configurations of tubs, and different types of saunas with various equipment, and specializes in the production of modular houses. These modular houses are customized according to customer preferences for permanent residence, guest houses, camping cabins, garden houses, summer cottages, shops, offices, warehouses, etc. We provide consultation, design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation services.

CNC in our name signifies that our second area of operation involves providing CNC milling services to individuals and businesses. Custom-made furniture, decorations, toys, various components, intricate parts, etc., based on orders. We offer milling, engraving, various levels of cutting services, design, and delivery. LWDcnc also has a range of self-created CNC milling works that we continuously expand (such as boxes, chairs, rocking bridges, etc.). 

We provide ready-made solutions and gladly undertake individual, sometimes even innovative projects, tailored to each client’s needs and requirements. We strive to be a professional and reliable business partner, adhering to our quality standards and offering competitive prices

Contact with us

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about LWDcnc products or services, please contact us. We will be happy to listen to you and provide you with answers and solutions.

You can contact us:
– call us +371 24814716 (Latvia);
– email us at anytime and we will respond within 24 hours;
– visit us at Brenči, Novadnieki municipality, Saldus region, Latvia.

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